Vandoos Ethos


Duty is manifested in responsibility and devotion to cultivation; loyalty to quality; competence in the execution of tasks;


Integrity is ensuring that standard operating procedure are consistent with the core values, and being committed to act in accordance with these values.


Discipline is essential to success in operations and is therefore demanded of both the devoted cultivation personnel and the group under all conditions and circumstances. Because it is the sinew of cohesion and the foundation of professional excellence, a high standard of discipline is the most important quality that cultivation personnel must possess.


Honour lies in being loyal to the plant and faithful to comrades and cultivation procedures; adhering to professional values and upholding the traditions of the corporate culture; and displaying gallantry, courtesy, and chivalry in one’s everyday actions and conduct.


Vandoos Légion is a hybrid crossing the classic Banana OG and Platinum Runtz strains to achieve a specific terpene profile.

The flower, light green and covered in shiny trichomes, offers a terpene profile rich in limonene and linalool topped with high THC content.

This flower diffuses aromas of diesel and a spicy note accentuated by earth and fruits, characteristics specific to its line.

Banana Platinum Runtz


< 1%


3,5 g

Sweet, diesel & earthy

Citadelle by Vandoos, from the LA Kush Cake strain, is the cross between the Wedding Cake strain and Kush Mint.

This indica-dominant hybrid flower offers strong bud structure with a pale, mossy green color dotted with hues of forest greens and purples.

Our pre-rolls are hand rolled and wrapped with white wood paper using carefully selected ground flowers from LA Kush Cake.

This cultivar expresses Wedding Cake terpenes, combined with a fresh mint flavor that is released on combustion and offers aromas of peppery and pungent vanilla.

LA Kush Cake


< 1%

Indica dominant hybrid

3,5 g | 3 x 0,5 g

Sweet, spicy & lemony

Vandoos Voltigeur of the Apple Fritter strain, is a rare evenly balanced hybrid variety (50% indica/50% sativa) resulting from a cross between the classic varieties Sour Apple and Animal Cookies.

Vandoos Voltigeur features dark olive green flowers with deep purple undertones, bright orange hairs and a layer of tiny white crystal trichomes.

This strain offers a sweet fruity apple flavor with a slight vanilla and cakey aroma reminiscent of an apple donut taste.

Apple Fritter


< 1%


3,5 g

Sweet, fruity & vanilla


Each harvest of Vandoos products is rigorously controlled in order to offer consistency for each batch.


For THC enthusiasts, the Vandoos line of products will appeal to the finest connoisseurs with its products with high THC content.


Vandoos Légion offers a terpenes amount of more than 3.8%.


Vandoos’ eco-friendly packaging is designed to preserve product quality, consumer safety and environmental sustainability. For optimal freshness, a humidity control solution is placed in each package.

”Secure Sack” packaging.

Moisture control solution to keep flowers fresh..


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